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Grad 191, 9264 Grad
tel.: (031) 354 149
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Kuzma 24 9263 Kuzma

Telephone ++386 2 555-80-16
Fax ++386 2 555-80-18
Email obcina.kuzma@moj.net
Website www.obcina-kuzma.si
Population 1683
Size 22,85 km2
Mayor Jožef Škalič

The municipality of Kuzma lies on the border of Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. As a result guests are usually first shown the pyramid-shaped three-border stone in Trdkova, set in place in 1924. Each side of the pyramid bears the coat of arms of the country which its faces, as well as the year of the determination of the state border (10 September 1919 and 4 June 1920). The three-border stone was set on 31 May 1924 by an international border commission. Under the Treaty of Triannon on 4 June 1920, Prekmurje was finally included as part of the Yugoslav state. A tourist trail leads to the there-border stone at the edge of the Kuzma municipality, as well as a circular nature education trail with numerous points of interest, and of course access is also marked from the other two countries. In Kuzma there is a memorial park commemorating the soldiers in the territorial defense and police forces during the war for Slovene independence in 1991 who defended the international border crossing in Kuzma and who took the guardhouse in Kuzma. The most important sacral buildings are the Church of Sts. Cosmos and Damian in Kuzma, consecrated to the patron saints of medicine and painted with frescoes, the Evangelical church in Gornji Slaveči, numerous chapels and the Cecilija Beľan house in Gornji Slaveči with a smoke kitchen and thatched roof. There are mineral water springs in Gornji Slaveči, and the Evangelical church there was built in 1928. The abundant mixed forests in the municipality are of interest primarily to mushroom pickers.

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