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Grad 191, 9264 Grad
tel.: (031) 354 149
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Šalovci 162 9204 Šalovci

Telephone ++386 2 559-80-50
Fax ++386 2 559-80-54
Email obcina.salovci@siol.net
Website http://www.salovci.si/obcina/
Population 1718
Size 58,15 km2
Mayor Iztok Fartek

The municipality of Šalovci lies in the northwesternmost part of Slovenia. Its hilly landscape is composed of lake and marine sediments, and is crisscrossed with larger and smaller streams. It is the only place in Slovenia where the rose daphne is found. At the end of the 19th century, Šalovci was the largest settlement in Goričko; since then its population has been reduced by half. The village of Šalovci lies along the road at the bottom of the valley of the Velika Krka, which in historical times was a convenient passage for military raids towards the west. In the Frim forest, which lies 300 meters from the center of the village, sits the well-known and newly renovated Frim’s well. It was built by the Counts Frim, and is 5 meters deep and contains very healthy potable water, and has been used by the people of the area for drinking water for many years. Budinci is the northernmost settlement in Slovenia, and the northernmost point in Slovenia (46°52’37’’), 5193.275 km from the equator, is at the border with Hungary at borderston no.: 115.
In Dolenci is the Church of St. Nicholas, first mentioned in 1331, and nearly destroyed in 1698, when it was shingled and given a flat ceiling. In 1766 it was remodeled in the Baroque style and a new belfry was erected. The municipality also contains the Rido-Lenaršič mill, and among the farms which practice nature-friendly farming is the well-known Rengeo farm in Šalovci.

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