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tel.: (031) 354 149
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Gornji Petrovci


Gornji Petrovci 31/d 9203 Gornji Petrovci

Telephone ++386 2 556-90-00
Fax ++386 2 556-90-01
Email obcina.gpetrovci@siol.net
Population 2217
Size 66,84 km2
Mayor Franc ©lihthuber

The municipality of Gornji Petrovci – 14 villages portrayed in the coat of arms as blue houses with red roofs – still lives mainly from farming. The main activities are livestock breeding, especially dairy farming, while recently fruit growing and vineyards have become increasingly important; there is almost no industry left. Despite its small size, the municipality has several important historical and artistic monuments and interesting tourist attractions: the Gothic Church of the Holy Trinity or Nedela in Gornji Petrovci and Church of St. Anne in Boreča, and the Evangelical churches in Kriµevci and Gornji Petrovci. Just below the border with Hungary, the old Lenarčič mill stands in the narrow valley of the Mala Krka. The village of Renavlje became known for the celebrated landing of a stratospheric balloon, where renowned Belgian scientists Max Cosyns and Nere van Elst landed on 18 August 1834. In memory of that event the municipality erected a monument, the work of sculptor Mirko Bratu±a, and August 18th was chosen as the municipal holiday. On the way to Moravske Toplice there is another attraction, a 700 year old chestnut tree on the Tetajni breg hill in Kriµevci. It is 3 meters in circumference, and stands some 20 meters high. The Pidµa inn, once a very popular inn and lookout point in Gornji Petrovci, is waiting once again to become an important center of tourism in this part of Goričko. Several tourist, cultural and folklore associations take care of the development of tourism, the preservation of the cultural heritage and the traditional folk habits and customs, and ten sporting associations provide for health and active lifestyles. The only motorcycle club in Goričko, Gronska strejla, unites lovers of motorcycles from all over Pomurje.

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