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1st Slovenian International Nature Film Festival



1st Slovenian International Nature Film Festival G-rajski festival (G-FEST)

 May 24–26 2012, Grad, Goričko, Slovenia

 G-FEST is a cultural bound  between Porabje and Goričko regions, between film and nature, between people and landscape


G-FEST will be taking place from the 24th to the 26th of May 2012 at the breath-taking scenery of castle Grad in Goričko Nature Park.  

Along with numerous screenings of nature and environmental films, from nature documentaries, 3D nature films and thought-provoking “eco-shockers” to retrospectives and anima films, festival program contains series of diverse activities, all with a common purpose – to promote sustainable (responsible) development in a fun way, intriguing to a wide range of people. 

Festival aims to promote the region of Pomurje while raising public awareness on environmental, cultural and social concern and encouraging sustainable approaches. An important aspect of the festival is inter-cultural binding with the help of the international Neighbor to Neighbor programme and the already well-established TRI-Lateral Nature Park Goričko-Raab-Őrség. Film as media will also be introduced as a powerful tool for educating people of all age about environmental and social responsibilities. It encourages respecting and preserving delicate natural sources, such as Goričko and Porabje/Őrség (bordering Hungary) regions.

The film program will offer international hit films, 3D-screenings and retrospectives, along with the films of young authors from our G-FEST Junior and mTVfest competitions.

Special ‘living fairytale’ will be developing at the Castle Park; called the “Fairy Park of Dragon Kač”. The Fairy Park is not a typical workshop; it invites all children and even children by heart, to its pure, joyful, nature-bounding time.

Festival’s Award for all categories is called “The Eden Tree”.

Visitors will be able to attend various workshops and shows, visit stands offering delicious goods from the local ecological farms, enjoy the organic and ecological food from The New Cuisine program and enter the magical Fairy Park. Eyes will find its soothing pleasure gazing at the photography-contest exposition titled “Human and nature. Do we cooperate?”. The best photography will be rewarded.

The TRI-Lateral Nature Park, which consists of the Goričko Nature Park, the Raab Nature Park and the Őrség National Park, represents a harmonic multi-cultural bounding. The wonderful and idyllically remote landscapes of three neighbour countries: Slovenia, Austria and Hungary, offer an opportunity to preserve the precious habitat of the rich fauna and flora, and diverse cultural treasures of these three natural parks. This opportunity is also largely promoted by the festival. 


At the final ceremony the awards in the following categories will be presented: 

  •  44th music Choir Show titled »A Song Knows No Border«, from Slovenia and Slovenians from neighbouring countries

  • Wine awards for the best wines of  Fifth international grading of wines of trilateral nature park Goričko-Raab-Őrség and neighbouring wine growing regions

  • Best Photography award from the public contest “Human and nature. Do we co-operate?”.

  • Film awards “Tree of Eden”, including for mTV fest –youth festival of tourism film

G-FEST begins on the European day of Parks

It is no coincidence that G-FEST opening will occur on the 24th of May, the official European Day of Parks. This year Goričko Nature Park has been chosen as the Slovenian site of this important festive occasion, at G-FEST.

G-rajski festival is held at a remarkable location: Templar´s ´magical´ Grad castle

(Grajski meaning castle-wise, raj as paradise)

The Grad castle (Slovene: grad Grad) is said to have 365 rooms in the five castle wings surrounding the courtyard. Measurements have shown that the earth here has high-energy radiation. The Knight´s Hall, castle store, visitor centre and handcraft workshops are on display on the ground floor of the castle. 

The Goričko Nature Park’s administration offices are located in the arcade corridors on the middle floor. Above the high ceiling, there is a concert hall, a wedding hall and rooms for rent.  There is a beautiful castle park with a wide variety of trees (tulip trees, honey locust, sycamores, oaks, hornbeam trees and red beech trees). According to traditional beliefs, the castle was built by the Templar Knights. There is a special mysteriousness about it and there are various legends associated with it (e.g. legends of un-destined love, the dragon named Kač and the Templars).

For additional information you are most welcome to contact us!

Urška Majdič, public relations
e: urska.majdic@grossmann.si

G-rajski festival / G-FEST
mednarodni festival naravoslovnega filma in osveščanja o trajnostnem  razvoju 24.-26. maj 2012, Grad, Goričko

International Nature Film and Sustainable Development Awareness Festival, May 24-26 2012, Grad, Goričko, Slovenia

Organization of G-FEST :

Public institution - Goričko Nature Park, CZR (Regional Institute of Public Health) Murska Sobota, Development Company Slovenska Krajina from Monošter (Hungary), Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival - KTD Ljutomer, MIKK Murska Sobota

Organization and realization of the festival is co-financed by Cross-Border Operative program ‘Slovenia – Hungary 2007 – 2013’; co-financing agreement SI-HU-1-1-005. Porabje and Goričko, bounded in culture. Acronym of the project: Neighbour to neighbour.


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