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Grad 191, 9264 Grad
tel.: (031) 354 149
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Moravske Toplice


Kranjčeva ulica 3 226 Moravske Toplice

Telephone ++386 2 538-15-00
Fax ++386 2 538-15-02
Email obcina.moravske.toplice@siol.net
Population 6151
Mayor Alojz Glavač

The municipality of Moravske Toplice lies on the border with Hungary, and is inhabited by members of the Hungarian national minority who play an important role in creating good neighborly relations with our neighboring country, especially in the border region. It is relatively sparsely populated and ranks among Slovenia’s demographically threatened regions. As elsewhere in the developed world the inhabitants desire to take advantage of the benefits of village and rural life in the best possible way: through environmentally friendly farming methods and a soft form of eco-tourism. They are aware of their wealth of unspoiled nature in connection with the thermal mineral water which flows from the depths beneath them. Part of this wealth is in the form of a natural spa, Terme 3000, which already offers tourist attractions (and in the future hopes to offer more), tourist trails, new cycling paths and walking trails, increased possibilities for fishing and hunting, and especially the domestic specialties, Prekmurje cuisine and quality wines from local vineyards. Moravske Toplice, which is the seat of the municipality, was changed from a former farming settlement to an important health and tourism center when while drilling for oil in 1960, hot mineral water at 72 degrees centigrade was discovered at 1417 meters deep. Visitors, whether they be tourists, travelers or businesspeople, can see important artistic monuments (the Romanesque rotunda in Selo, Plečnik’s church in Bogojina), archeological finds, ethnological curiosities and other points of interest and features of the area, renowned for its friendly and good people. Information on the region, monuments, cottage industries, the environment, and the healthy food and good wine offered at the tourism farms, wineries and local inns, is supplied by the municipality at the Moravske Toplice Tourist Information Center (TIC).

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