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Rogašovci 14b 9262 Rogašovci

Telephone ++386 2 558 88 10
Fax ++386 2 558 88 12
Email obcina.rogasovci@siol.net
Website http://www.obcina-rogasovci.si/
Population 3399
Size 40 km2
Mayor Edvard Mihalič

MUNICIPALITY OF ROGAŠOVCI MAINLY AGRICULTURAL The Municipality of Rogašovci lies at the extreme western edge of Goričko, on the border with Austria, where the “Prekmurje Triglav”, Sotinski breg hill or Kugla, rises to a height of 418 meters and has an eight meter lookout tower on the peak. Until 1945 some of the border villages had mainly German populations. After their emigration Slovenes moved in, mainly from Koroška and Bela krajina. Beatuful views from the higher peaks The central panorama of the region is focused on the Ledava valley, which is home to 11 villages: Ropoča, Pertoča, Večeslavci, Sv. Jurij, Rogašovci, Nuskova, Serdica, Sotina, Ocinje, Kramarovci and Fikšinci. To the west by the Kučnica stream the panorama reaches across the Austrian border, which also curves around the area below the Srebrni breg and Rdeči breg hills to the north. The hills of Goričko and the central plain are beautifully complemented by Ledava Lake, which begins at Ropoči. There are several lookout points in the municipality, especially on the Ropoči or Fikšinski ridge and on the hills of Serdiški and Sotinski breg, from where it is a true pleasure to look down onto the Mura plain and the Slovenske gorice hills. On a clear day one can see the snow-covered peaks of Austria and our Pohorje. Special pride in beekeeping Most of the inhabitants are involved in agriculture, such that the land is 90 percent cultivated, and the farms are completely equipped. Many of the people go to neighboring Austria to perform seasonal work. There are over forty independent businesses in the municipality, including some excellent markets and restaurants, which are especially suited to tourism. Due to the southwestern facing slopes and other natural features, beekeeping is highly developed in the municipality. There are more than 30 beekeepers, for whom bees are more than simply an economically important category. Beekeeping is a way of life and part of the cultural heritage for both the beekeepers and the inhabitants of Goričko. Modest historical legacy and tradition The oldest monument is “Perš’s cross” in Večeslavci, which commemorates the plague and the Turkish invasions, while the parish churches in Pertoča at St. Helena and St. George and the other chapels in the villages beautify the surroundings. The customs at the events held in the municipality of Rogašovci could be better attended, though we have often presented feasts called “borovo gostüvanje” and held farmers’ games. An annual international festival of folk music has been held four times in Sotina, and there is an annual Valentine’s walk up Kugel every February. Therefore the parish festivals (“buča”) which are celebrated together with the classical village summer celebrations on St. George’s Day (“Gjirgjevo”, April 24th) and “Gelenino” on August 18th. The truly interesting delights of this area however are autumn agricultural activities, especially picking apples and mushrooms, pressing pumpkin seed oil and farm-slaughtering and processing of pork and sausages. Natural wealth at your fingertips The area’s natural riches include untapped mineral water springs in Nuskova, and a quarry of permocarbon schist in Sotina dating from the Paleozoic and Miocene eras. The quarry lies in the only natural canyon in the area, between Pomurje’s two tallest peaks, Kugla and Rdeči breg. Janko Halb Mayor of the Municipality of Rogašovci

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