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Grad 191, 9264 Grad
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Puconci 80 9201 Puconci

Telephone ++386 2 545-91-00
Fax ++386 2 545-91-01
Email urad.zupana@puconci.si
Website http://www.puconci.si
Population 6281
Mayor Ludvik Novak

“Our lands are very fair, a hill here and a valley there, from Sebe±čan you can see the plains, and all the waving fields of grains.” This verse has become the symbol of the municipality of Puconci, where the plains and hilly parts of Prekmurje meet. Farming and livestock breeding on the plains is joined by fruit growing and wine growing in the hills. The new railway line to Hungary has divided the municipality, but there is still plenty of peace to enjoy the environment. One feature of the municipality is the presence of many religious faiths. Thus it is no coincidence that the municipal holiday is October 13th, when in 1781 a tolerance law was issued as the basis for equal rights for all religious communities. When talking about the area, the inhabitants especially like to mention the existence of Protestants in this region where members of the Evangelical, Catholic and Pentecostal churches co-exist. In addition to the monument to the father of Prekmurje literature, Ctefan Küzmič, in Strukovci there are two Evangelical churches of a respectable age within the municipality, in Puconci and Bodonci. In Pečarovci near Sebe±čan is the Catholic Church of St. Sebastian (1824), and there is a more modest Pentecostal church in Vadarci. A wooden bell-tower stands in the cemetery in Dolina as an important ethnological monument. Another point of interest in the municipality is the orchard in Otovci, which is administered by the Pomurje Fruit Growers’ Association, and which includes more than 150 old varieties of apples and other types of fruit. Every seeding in the orchard was planted by an important Slovene or foreign personage. There are several cultural and tourism associations in the municipality, and the Kema company, which produces products made of silica sand and special construction materials is of particular economic importance. Among the more important recent projects is the My-Your-Our Village project, the Cpan home and the village market in Mo±čanci. Vaneča is a characteristic wine-growing region, the Püconsko senje fair has been revived in Puconci, and in Pečarovci, which was named after potters, or “pečars”, ski jumping competitions are organized when there is enough snow.

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