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Grad 191, 9264 Grad
tel.: (031) 354 149
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Cankova 25 9261 Cankova

Telephone ++386 2 540-93-70
Fax ++386 2 540-90-78
Email obcina.cankova@siol.net
Population 2067
Size 30,58 km2
Mayor Danilo Kacijan

Towards the south gently rolling, in the north hilly, and on the west a 22 km long border with Austria. This is marked by the Kučnica stream, the thousand-year-old border between Austria and Hungary. In former times huge numbers of narcissus grew along the banks of the stream, but due to farm collectives, droughts and intensive farming only a sample remains. The majority of the inhabitants live on small farms and supplement their income by working in Murska Sobota, in small trades and in municipalities in neighboring Austria. Cankova is the center of the municipality, with a park at its center with a fountain and a memorial to Dr. Avgust Pavel, the first translator of Slovene literature into Hungarian. The park is surrounded by the more important buildings: the Town Hall, school, kindergarten, Parish Church of St. Joseph and the birthplace of Dr. Avgust Pavel. From Gerlinci there is a wonderful view in nice weather of the narrow valley of the Črnček stream, with the Kraąki vrh and Ropoąki vrh hills to the east, and the Kučnica valley and Klöch in Austria to the west. Gerlinci is known for its vineyards, grassy orchards and chestnuts, as well as the Kozelin tourism farm, where tourists can get refreshments after enjoying the Fuks graba gorge forest education trail. It begins in Korovci and leads into the Gora forest. Skakovci was the birthplace of Prekmurje’s first academic painter, Ludvik Vrečič. The western part of the municipality includes the quite large man-made Ledava lake. It was formed twenty years ago when the Ledava river was dammed. The valley has therefore changed its appearance, but the environment remains unspoiled. The banks are frequented by fishermen, while many people enjoy walking in the forest, relaxing, enjoying the waterside and observing the many species of birds. There is a nice view, with a part of the banks arranged for camping, while in the immediate vicinity are two farms, which always have dry and fresh fruit, and the Ferencovi tourism farm.

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