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Life is bad in a house where the hen crows and the cock cackles. (Slovenian proverb)

To stop this from happening in your house, we recommend this SUNDAY dinner:

Chicken soup with noodles
Roast chicken
Buckwheat porridge (millet porridge)
Cucumber salad with pumpkin seed oil
Cake made with turnips or pumpkins; Biba

There's no lunch without potatoes. (Popular saying)

To get the week off to a nice start, spoil yourself with this menu on a MONDAY:

Potato soup with milk
Noodles with curd cheese or poppy seeds

Eat greens instead of meat, and drink wine instead of water! (Popular saying)

On TUESDAYS, cook this tasty, healthy meat-free meal:

Mushroom soup
Herb noodles (sweet and sour) or
Shredded dumplings with poppy seeds

Hunger makes beans from the field taste sweeter. (Slovenian proverb)

On WEDNESDAYS, savour legumes in these dishes:

Brawn with pumpkin seed oil and onions, or
Bean soup with sour cream
Potato dumplings with poppy seeds
Compote of dried fruit

Greens on their own won't satisfy your hunger. (Popular saying)

For a balanced meal, add meat to your vegetables on THURSDAYS.

Szegedin goulash
Potato purée
Fritters (beignets)

It's easy to sing the praises of fasting when your belly is full. (Popular saying)



Fans of vegetarian food can look forward to FRIDAYS:

Buckwheat soup
Mixed salad

Bread isn't just made with flour - you need hands as well. (Slovenian proverb)

SATURDAY is pig-slaughtering day, so the menu is:

Bujta Repa
Buckwheat sausages
Home-made bread
A variety of strudels

Typical dishes from the region:

1. Milk soup with smoked meat
2. Sour suckling pig soup
3. Sweet white cabbage and Vrtanek (yeast ring cake)
4. Prekmurje Bogrács (stew) with game meat
5. Grammelpogatscherl (crackling rissoles)
6. Maize dumplings
7. Gibice
8. Prekmurska Gibanica
9. Posolanka


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