Goricko Nature Park Information Center
Grad 191, 9264 Grad
tel.: (031) 354 149
e-po¹ta: park.goricko@siol.net

Opportunities within the park

The parks' management will be the linking institution which will assist in the development of the region and ensuring quality life in a cleaner environment. Living within the park will however bring also other benefits.

  • The possibility to acquire additional development funds, assistance in administrative procedures, the possibility of connecting individual activities.
  • Consultation with regard to filling out forms for individual public invitations.
  • Assistance in development of agriculture, tourism and other activities.
  • Information about possibilities for candidature for development funds.
  • Current information about potential new solutions in forestry, farming, hunting, fishing and tourism.
  • The park will also strive for a cleaner environment and clean water - which is of huge importance for every individual who lives here as well as for farming and for industry.
  • Potential aid for the renovation of culturally protected structures, assistance in the renovation of existing structures which are important elements of the cultural landscape.
  • Possibility of marketing under a unified trade mark.
  • Development of tourism, entrance onto the international market.

Last but not least, connections with the existing parks in Slovenia, participation in international park organisations, counselling and training for Slovene and foreign experts, exchange of experience with other parks etc.


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