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Invitation to photo competition


Invitation to photo competition

From Iron Curtain to Lifeline - The Central European Green Belt
within the EU-funded project GreenNet

Deadline for submission of pictures: 30. August 2013

According to the motto „From Iron Curtain to Lifeline“ photographers are invited to hand in photos of landscapes, border relicts (Iron Curtain) and (border-)land art objects as well as people, animals
and plants along the Central European Green Belt (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia,
Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy). The photos should present the special history of the regions along the former Iron Curtain and its richness of nature.

The best 12 pictures will be selected for a calendar (2014) „Green Belt Central Europe“. Out of these 12 pictures a winning photo of the overall competition will be identified. The winning picture will be used for the title of the calendar.

All photographers of the 12 selected calendar pictures receive three copies of the high-quality calendar “Green Belt Central Europe”. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to make a contract for services for an amount of 250 €, the photographer of the winning picture has the opportunity to make a contract for an amount of 500 €. The contracts include the transfer of using rights to BUND (Friends of the Earth, Germany) for the purpose of advertising the Green Belt, the GreenNet-project and the Central Europe Programme.

The competition is conducted by the Association for Rural Development Thuringia (ThLG, Lead partner of the GreenNet-project) and BUND-Project Office Green Belt (Regional Coordinator Green
Belt Central Europe).

One photographer can submit 2 pictures maximum.

Amateur photographers as well as professional photographers are invited to hand in pictures.
Submissions from members of the jury are excluded.

• Please send the pictures as preview (jpg.- or tiff.-file), 1400 pixel wide or high (can be sharpened), with the subject “photo competition GreenNet” with reference to the author, date and place when the picture was taken (if possible with GPS-data) via email (max. 5 MB,
language English or German) to melanie.kreutz@bund-naturschutz.de

• The photographers of the selected pictures will be asked separately to hand in the picture as
fine resolution material: They have to be suitable for large scale printing (e. g. 80 X 120 cm) and should have a clear RGB- colour space. Depending on the workflow, Adobe RGB- or sRGB- colour space is optimal. In any cases, the data must not be interolated!
Please sharpen moderately!

Please note
• All selected pictures and their photographers will be presented at the homepage of the GreenNet-project (www.greennet-project.eu) and on the homepage of the European Green Belt initiative (www.europeangreenbelt.org).
• The winning-picture and the photographer of this picture will be presented end of 2013 in the
BUNDmagazin (magazine of BUND, Friends of the Earth Germany; German wide run of copies of about 250.000).
Please note ‘other provisions! (Page 3)

Jury of the GreenNet-photo competition:

Detlev Geissler
, Association for Rural Development Thuringia, Lead Partner GreenNet
Thomas Stephan, Nature Photographer
Dieter Damschen, Nature Photographer
Daniel Mourek, Czech Partnership Foundation, National Focal Point Green Belt Czech Republic
Dr. Zuzana Hudeková, Regional Environment Centre Slovakia
Prof. Dr. Johannes Gepp, National Focal Point Green Belt Austria
Stanislava Dešnik, Nature Park Goričko, National Focal Point Green Belt Slovenia
Dr. Uwe Riecken, German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and National Focal Point Green Belt Germany
Dr. Liana Geidezis, BUND-Project Office Green Belt, Regional Coordinator Green Belt Central
Severin Zillich, Editor BUNDmagazin

BUND-Project Office Green Belt, Melanie Kreutz
Phone 0049-911-575294-14, melanie.kreutz@bund-naturschutz.de

Other Provisions:

1) Copyright and right to one‘s own picture
By entering the competition, the photographer confirms that the entered photograph is his / her
original work and the photographer is the sole owner of the copyright and that there are no thirdparty claims. It is the photographer‘s responsibility to obtain releases and consents in written form for publishing, exhibiting and using the awarded image if any persons appear in the photograph or if objects in the photograph are subject to the rights of third parties; it is the photographer‘s responsibility to obtain official permits where applicable.

The photographer is held liable for all damages that BUND or other organisations (project partners of the GreenNet-project and stakeholders of the European Green Belt initiative), to whom the usage of the image is legally granted, may experience due to the lack of necessary release forms or missing permits.

2) Usage Rights
The pictures of the awarded photographer, who made a contract for services, may be used in the
context of the GreenNet-project as well as within the European Green Belt initiative and its related
public relations. BUND is in particular entitled to publish the photographs on their website and to pass the images on to newspapers and magazines for the purpose of news coverage of the competition. In addition, BUND is entitled to exhibit the photographs in Germany and abroad, to reproduce and distribute them in the form of print media and to use them to advertise the exhibitions and publications, provided that the context of the competition, the GreenNet-project or the European Green Belt initiative is clearly marked. For the above stated usage rights the awarded photographer cannot claim compensation or a fee of any kind.
In case of enquiries concerning the purchase of usage rights of the awarded photographs, BUND
will forward the relevant photographer‘s contact details to the interested party.

3) Post-contest handling of images
Submissions that have not been awarded a prize will be deleted after the close of the contest.

4) Liability
The risk of damage or loss of submitted photographs on CD/DVD in transit or during online transfer
lies with the participant. BUND cannot accept any liability or responsibility.

5) Final Clauses
Submissions that do not fulfil all or some of the competition‘s requirements in terms of content, technical or any other aspect cannot receive consideration and will be excluded from the competition. It is the jury‘s decision to admit images whose fulfilment of the necessary requirements
may be considered ambiguous. The jury‘s decisions will be final. Legal proceedings are eliminated.
By submitting images to the competition, the participant consents to the above competition rules.

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