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Semi-dry and Dry Meadows

Semi-dry and Dry Meadows

Goričko is covered mostly by medium-humid to semi-dry meadows of good nutrient value and of importance for the production of fodder for dairy cows. When not over-treated with fertilisers and left in their natural state, these meadows offer a colourful panorama of Meadows Buttercup, Bluebuttons, Golden Daisy and numerous other flowering plants.

semi-dry meadows, M.Kaligarič
dry meadows, M.Kaligarič
Maiden Pink (Dianthus deltoides), S.De±nik

Because of dry grasslands, Goričko can be called the "country of carnations": three different species of carnations grow there. Also wild orchids are present in large quantities. Many species of insects make summer meadows even more colourful - the most significant being butterflies such as Swallowtails and Scarce Swallowtails, as well as the yellow-black Owl-fly .

owl-fly (Libelloides macaronius), M.Kaligarič
Garland Flower (Daphne cneorum f. arbusculoides), S.De±nik
Green Lizard (Lacerta viridis), M.Kaligarič

The dry grasslands are, however, a threatened habitat of Goričko. Since meadows give little grass and hay, many of them are not mown anymore. After a few years, the overgrown meadows begin to change into a forest.

The flora of the overgrown meadows resemble the flora of the forest edge, which is a characteristic habitat of the Garland Flower. A special endemic form of the Garland Flower, grows only at Goričko and in Õrség.

Three different types of nutrient-rich meadows with high production of fodder exist at Goričko. The drier meadows grow Bulbous Buttercups; on the medium humid meadows, the Meadows Buttercups are found, whereas on the humid meadows, the Creeping Buttercup thrives. Such meadows are characterised also by inflorescences of Meadow Foxtail, rising high above the grass level. Dry grasslands are scattered. The soil is poor in lime; therefore, there is no Meadow Bromgrass, but we find Fescue. These meadows are at the most beautiful when the carnations flower: Cartusian Pink, Maiden Pink and Deptford Pink. Of particular beauty, also, are the Green-winged Orchid and Burnt-tip Orchid, classified in Europe among the endangered plant species. There are, however, not many species of Orchids growing at Goričko, since orchids are limestone-loving plants and Goričko is composed of acid rocks.

Recently, another species of orchids characteristic for dry grasslands was discovered, the Autumn Lady's-tresses Orchid. These flower only in the Fall, with tiny white flowers, gathered in a spiral.

Concerning other animals, the Green Lizard lives on the dry grasslands and on the edge of the forests with Southern exposure.

Green-winged Orchid (Orchis morio), M.Kaligarič
Burnt-tip Orchid (Orchis ustulata), M.Kaligarič
Autumn Lady's-tresses Orchid (Spiranthes spiralis), M.Kaligarič



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